Kraemer Woodcraft Ltd.


Kraemer Woodcraft was established by Daniel Kraemer in 1951 after he purchased an existing business that was manufacturing industrial wood ladders. This business was started in 1929 on a local farm close to St. Jacobs, and then moved to Kraemer Woodcraft’s existing location in 1936. The company was later passed onto Daniel’s son, Ivan Kraemer, and is now owned by his grandson, Terry Kraemer, alongside with Michael MacLean.

Over the years Kraemer Woodcraft’s products have ranged from kitchen cabinets, farm feed carts, crokinole boards, cedar chests, and even coffins! In 1954, the company started to specialize in retail store fixtures and design. Our main focus today is providing quality built custom commercial millwork for retail stores, credit unions, universities, and other commercial institutions. One of our longest relationships is with Home Hardware Stores, whom we have worked with for over 50 years since its inception in 1964!